Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Snow storm that WAS!!!!

Yesterday this was a back yard with 8" of snow on the ground! After all that football yesterday, warmer temperatures, SUNSHINE, and more football (mud ball was  more like it) today,  we have a 4" deep puddle at the edge of the back porch and a  whole back yard of mush! It is  still cold out however and the snow is still quite deep on the picnic tables which got not only the real snow fall but the fall off from the roof which made some 24+ " deep drifts! Quite  a sight!
taking a sweeping glance around from the back door........................

Easily visible are the puddles where snow abounded yesterday!

Usually we go in the nursery to play with the baby goats and to bottle feed them. TODAY, bottles propped through the fence will have to do. Leah wants no part of muddy goat feet!

Naomi didn't want to get muddy either so she ran a pretty wide circle  around the yard to find the driest ground on which to run from the nursery!

These baby goat photos were  from the day before the snow storm. We were having a lot of fun  playing  and running around in the back yard with our babies!

Naomi with the triplets. She is holding Daffoldil (Daffy)
This is Edward. Naomi chose his name.

This is Topsy Turvey , the oldest of the triplets and the one  who was born bottom first and upside down.

Here are Topsey Turvey and Daffy. Daffy has wattles, the  wobbly, floppy, little appendages growing from her jaw line. Hers are white, tipped with black. Both  Satsuma and Ribs, the parents have wattles but only Daffy inherited the gene for wattles. I personally like wattles on my goats. Some people do not.


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Love the photos - your property looks huge and fun!

Oh boy, I hope I don't see anymore of that snow around here for a while!

Love you!

Autumn Mist said...

Goodness, still snowing! We are definitely into spring weather, although it is raining today. Your goats are the sweetest things ever. Do your children love having all that space to run around in? (Even if it is a little muddy!)

whenpigsfly said...

Oh yes! We love having all the land around us for sure! There isn't much that needs mowing in the warm months because the goats and horses eat the grass; we are able to enjoy it without having to "work it" so much. Today will be in the mid 50s and tomorrow in the 70s so even the northern exposure snow should be almost melted by Thursday morning . WELCOME SPRING!!