Monday, March 15, 2010

Juxtaposing my friend Anita's blog with my own for a post or two.........

As I was writing to Nordic  Africa News about the plight of orphans and adoptions in Liberia, with emphasis on our situation with Daniel, my dear friend Anita was blogging about the plight of adoptions in Ghana.SO many of the concerns are the same,  and the outcomes: past, present, and future as well. Ghana is not in a suspension now/yet...but the evils of corruption which dog the heels of those seeking to care for orphans as God instructed us to, seems universal. Get apporval to have an orphan adoption program in a needy country, GREAT IDEA, some rreally GOOD PLANS too..........but there are a couple things which get in the way every time: people  and money.  Anita's open post to those in authority in countries where there are adoptions AND the creeping  or rampant corruption and to adoption providers is so after my own heart. Coming from Anita who is a seasoned adoption services provider as well as an adoptive parent of 4, I feel  that thewords she spoke carry far more weight than if I'd spoken or written them.
Her post about God providing for her  at just the right moment in a very specific way by sending a Ghanaian pastor to her church was jsut SO "Isn't it just like God?!!" I'm inviting you to read that too, to edify your own spirit and to be encouraged.
Today Anita shares about us, SmithSoup, and how God is using us and our long term friendship   to meet a very big need for her family. When she called me Saturday and I could sense some tears in her eyes, I knew God was doing something. I knew He was asking me, and our family to be part of that something. I'll let her tell it.   Banku, Phi, and Fried Spiders is her blog.  When I told Charlie a little while later about our conversation, he gave me a big hug and said it was a wonderful idea as long as there was enough Linda to go around, and he knew there would be.  What's the down side?  I dont'get to see enough of Anita and Eric!!! She will be in Ghana, Eric, at home and at work, and we will have her 4 sweeties here with us at Calico Acres Farm! I'm sure we can do something  about the Eric part though!! Charlie works pretty close to where Eric works.we'll see. Anita and I didn't talk about that...
Anyhow, so as not to tell a tale twice, for those of you who know both Anita nad me, you may have the story already, and for those of you who don't, pleae do go to her blog and read at least the last three posts.
I knew when we went through "the valley of the shadow of Cambodia" we would always be friends, when we went to Vietnam together, Eric and Anita, Charlie and me, and adopted Samren and Naomi together, our friendship was sealed. We don't get to spend nearly as much time together as we'd like, but when we do it is so precious ! Our children get along so well when they are together: the girls are all  very close in age, our boys just older enough than Samren to big brother him....and OH yay!!! I get to love on Bright and Kendi Mae too! I don't know them as well  right now but I'm sure looking forward to it!
We don't know how Daniel fits into this two week plan, but I know GOD DOES, so I know it will be "good, very good."

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