Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm asking for you to join me in a concert of prayer for Abby Riggs

I've written about our friends the Riggs' family  from time to time; Abby Riggs' photo is in my sidebar, a  photo of my daughters wearing their PRAYING FOR ABBY t-shirts is there too. My daughters Rachel and Naomi got their hair cut last year and donated their hair to Locks of Love in Abby's name. We pray for Abby and her family every single day and see them when we are able. It is NOT often enough.
Abby's mom, my friend  Michelle  posted this  update on their blog this morning. Whatever you are doing when you read this  post, will you stop and pray for God to surround this precious family with His love and His peace in a tangible way ? We know that God is everpresent, He IS  El Eloi (the God who sees) and we know that His love for Abby and her family never wanes, but when life gets really tough and  seems to stay that way, sometimes we simply need an extra tight, big squeeze of a hug from our Abba Father. THAT is what I am asking  you to pray with me for the Riggs' family as He leads them through Abby's cancer journey together.
Will you leave me a little comment when you pray? I would like my comments box to be a concert of prayer today  to our Father, for a beautiful 5 year old little girl and her equally beautiful family.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Duct Tape Medicine

From Michelle

Abby's primary doctor (oncologist) has brought in many specialists to evaluate Abby. The specialists have then in turn requested more specialists look at Abby. She is currently being followed by 8 pediatric specialists and has been seen by 4 other types of doctors (not including her pediatrician).

To say Abby is complicated is a gross understatement.

Friends often ask how Abby is doing but how do I honestly answer them when my daughter is being held together with spit, wire and duct tape.

Abby's oncologist is coordinating her treatment but we haven't been able to see her for months. She has been on hospital rotation when Abby has been home and in the clinic when Abby was in the hospital. Abby has seen other oncologists/PAs/nurses but not her primary doctor. They talk to her doctor and the she decides what to do. The other oncologists are great but they only know a small portion of Abby's medical history/status.

I am frustrated/worried/tired. Abby is hurting again. Her headaches are back because the medication to treat them was decreased. It made her CO2 dangerously low and we could have lost her. It needs to be increased to prevent brain damage but it needs to be managed much better this time.

Abby's breathing is still horrible. The CO2 problem causes slow breathing, her airway is weak because of damage from the chemo and she has asthma. No official asthma diagnosis yet but 3 doctors (who are treating different parts of her anatomy) suspect she has it and I have seen many signs that support their opinion.

I don't think we can safely care for Abby at home without medication and medical equipment to help her breathe but I can't get them without a doctor's order. Abby has an appointment with one of our favorite oncology PAs today. I am praying I will be able to express my concerns clearly and that she will be able to help Abby.

We need your prayers more than ever.


His Hands His Feet Today said...

I pray for supernatural favor for Abby's mom today as she advocates for her! May they be given every intervention and medication needed, without question or hestitation. In addition, I pray and stand on the promise that Jesus is the GREAT physcian and pray that he would touch Abby, deliver her, heal her and may he get all the glory.
In Jesus name,

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

El Roi - the God who sees is with Abby and the Riggs family!

Father, God we praise You and thank You for being their ever present hope, comfort and strength!

We thank You God for being our Elohim (God who created us) and taking care of every part of our lives!

We love You and trust You to work all things out for their good and Your glory. We ask You to be their rock and give them the grace to be sustained through this trying season!

We ask for divine wisdom and courage for everyone involved to go a step beyond their comfort zone!

We love You Lord, it is in Your most powerful names and Son Jesus Christ, we pray! AMen!

Love you Linda!

Anonymous said...

Father-God You are our Healer. I ask You to touch Abby's body with Your supernatural healing and power. You know exactly what is wrong and where, and I ask You now to work Your wholeness in her little body. Jehovah-Rapheka, you are the God who Heals. Father, please bless Abby's parents with Your amazing grace, energy, strength, and wisdom. Help them to clearly hear Your Voice as You guide them along this difficult path. Give them people in their lives that will come along side of them and support, encourage, and hold them. Thank You that Your grace is enough for each of us and that we can do all things through Your Son who strengthens us. It is in His Name I pray, Amen.
Love and prayers to all, Karen :-)

Anonymous said...

Lord, we lift Abby and her family up to you today. I pray that her headaches will be gone and her breathing come easily for her. I pray that you would give all the medical staff that is involved in her care wisdom beyond our comprehension in how best to treat Abby. May her family feel your love, strength, and peace. Thank you for this precious little girl.

Kat said...

We continually pray for Abby and are holding her up today (and always). When I read the blog this morning my heart broke. Praying, praying, and more praying....

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Joining in prayer....have and will....for this precious family! Praise God for strength and courage to walk this incredibly hard road. For a family that no matter what knows that God is Sovereign. Praying God our Healer will continue to work in miraculous ways for Abby!

Donna said...

Praying today Father-God for little Abby and her family. Praying for an amazing work to be done in the little child. Lord you wove little Abby together, You know every little part of her and You love her with an everlasting love, surround her with your healing presence and comforting love.

Radioflyertt said...

L-rd, oh hear our prayers! You are the healer, and we are praying for healing of sweet Abby. What is complicated in man's eyes is ever so clear in Yours. Hear our prayers as we pray in agreement to break the spirit of infirmity, for miraculous healing, release of pain, regeneration of all cell damage and restoration of this family. L-rd please wrap this family in your arms and let your love be tangible. We love you Father, and thank you for what you are doing in Abby's life.
In Jesus' Name,

Laurel said...

Praying with you, as we know this sweet family, and love them dearly.

Father God, we lift up sweet Abby to you today. We pray that you will bring a miraculous healing to her little body. You ARE a God of miracles, and we KNOW that you can heal her, if it be Your will.

I pray also for precious Michelle. I know too well the feelings of a Mama that can do nothing except give it all to You, Oh Lord. The situation is enormous, the stress unending ... but Michelle knows you and loves you, and knows that You want the very best for Abby. Please wrap your arms around Michelle today. Give her the strength and wisdom that she needs as she works with so many medical specialists.

Be with Abby's Daddy Brent, and all of her brothers and sisters. Give them Your hope, a hope that passes all understanding. And give them Your peace, a peace that never ceases.

Thank you Lord, for this dear family that is seeking You with all of their hearts.


Allyria said...

Linda, I don't know Abby or Michelle, but please know I am praying for them and with them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Heavenly Father, I bring the Riggs family to you. I am so thankful that I have you to help me through each day. We don't have to do it alone-you are always there. Please help Michele and Brent to feel your presence today and guide them as they fight to get the needed equipment for Abby. Please lay it on all the physicians hearts to enable Abby to have the necessary tools to help her through this big bump in the road.


Anonymous said...

I ask that you help Abby's family find favor with her doctors and medical specialist. I ask that they listen to her family and their concerns. I asked that whatever Abby needs be supplied. I ask you continue to heal Abby and provide for her.

Megan said...

Heavenly Father, I ask for Your Sufficiency for the Riggs family today. Show Your sovereignty and Your care for every detail of their needs, Lord - and hold them with Your love and grace in this long moment of pain.

Anonymous said...

May God in his great mercy surround little Abby and her family with his ever present love and comfort. We are praying up here in Michigan and will continue to do so. In his love, Linda Dunn

Kelli said...

Praying always for my sweet friend Abby.

God, please be with Abby and her entire family. Father please touch her with your healing hands. We ask for relief for Abby right now, Lord, and thank you for your loving care in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invitation to join with you and our Lord in working in Abby's life.

Phil B.

Cheryl said...

It's Wednesday now, but I am praying for Abby and her family because I know they still need prayer. I pray that they will KNOW God's presence and comfort. I also pray that Abby's primary oncologist will realize that she needs to be more present to give proper diagnoses and upgrade Abby's medications and other needs.

whenpigsfly said...

Thank you all for your prayers ! Please feel free to keep leaving a prayer here if you should come back "later on" and want to pray again. I am sure that Abby and fmaily were touched by our prayers as our Father poured out His love upon them yesterday and today!

Ranee said...

Poor Abby, she's endured much more than anyone child should ever have to, and her family as well. I'll not only continue to pray for her daily, but say an extra one for just Abby's family.