Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring WILL come, I know it will

The crocuses tell me so! At least the first crocus of 2010 is trying to tell me so. I woke up to find one lone bloom in my garden yesterday morning. There are lots of green sprouts promising return on my hours of bulb planting last fall: more crocus, tiny grape hyacynth, snow drops, many different varieties of daffodils, narcissus, hyacynth, and a bit later on lots of tulips. For now, ONE LONE ORANGE crocus stands alone to herald in a season we are very eager to welcome! I can't complain about our winter, truly I am not complaining. That said, we do NOT live in a region of the USA where accumulated snow and prolonged periods of cold weather are part of the expected seasonal outcome. In Oklahoma, there is some winter: it rarely has snow, that snow rarely sticks, our heating bills are just no where close to the extremes of our cooling bills in the winter time. THIS WINTER however, we have had more cold and snow than in the previous 9 winters combined!! My propane tank has seen more activity than I care to remember!! I was thrilled today to discover it was a "warm" 35. Tomorrow we are anticipating 54!!! I am thankful that a snowstorm predicted for our area stayed away from us. I am thankful fortheability to get warmer than I am: always thankful for the wood my menfolk spend so much time finding, chopping , splitting ,stacking to keep the front of the house warm all winter. I just think enough is enough and I am ready to stop burning wood for warmth. I am ready to get outside and start a new garden, ready for my new seson of baby goats to arrive in safe warm temperatures. The crocus may stand alone today, but I know she has lots of company coming and the cold will be gone! COME SPRING!!!

And as is the case in a super sized family , it is almost always someone's birthday. Our beautiful future daughter-in-love , Sopheak had a birthday today.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SOPHEAK!!! We love you so very much and can't wait for you to join our family!

This is a fun photo for me. Caleb and Joshua, BOTH now home from the Middle East for a time, were able to have a brotherly reunion at Joshua's house last weekend. Yes, that is for those of you who know or care about these sorts of things ( and I do NOT) an 18 year old Scotch whiskey saved just for a very special occasion , and it IS a genuine Cuban cigar. I will happily overlook the props to be thoroughly thrilled that both my older sons are home and safe and able to celebrate their accomplishments, their relationship, and that I am blessed to
be their mom!

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Kat said...

Did NOT realize you lived in Oklahoma! How did I not realize that? We are not as far as I thought! :)

Love that your sons are home both home and able to celebrate together!