Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Looking for Valentine's gifts for your girlie sweeties?

If you like the look of these charming bracelets, please visit http:www.orphaned-no-more.blogspot.com and see how you can order some AND help bring a girl named Isabella home to her forever family..I found this link on my friend AMY's blog . Amy has a wonderful family and her heart for orphans, especially special needs children and Down Syndrome children always blesses me. There is a photo on my fridge of a little girl named Ginger. I "met " Ginger because I went to a website called REECE'S RAINBOW where God had shown AMY her next two children. As I went looking through photo after precious photo, a little red headed girl in Ukraine jumped out at me. This little girl got into my heart and under my skin like no child had for a long while. I began to pray over her and I called to inquire about her, and what all would/could be involved in her adoption. I knew very little about Ukraine adoptions at all!! I very soon sensed God telling me that she was not ours, but that I should pray for her family to find her quickly. GOD IS SO FAITHFUL!! She has been home for quite a while now with her forever family! I keep Ginger's photo on my fridge as a reminder. She's not the only Answered Prayer -child on my fridge by any stretch. BUT she reminds me to pray for Reece's Rainbow and the children they so passionately represent and advocate for. Maybe that was chasing a rabbit just a bit, but back to Valentine's Day and bracelets which will help another family to bring home their daughter. I found that because of Amy too!! THANKS AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK now I am going shopping!!


Jewels of My Heart said...

Your family is beautiful.... I look at them and see Jesus...... When we walk by faith Jesus blesses us beyond our greatest hopes and desires.
Thank you for helping our daughter come home. Thank you for helping her be Orphaned NO More.
Your sister in Christ Jesus,

Amy said...

Aren't those bracelets beautiful?? I can't wait to get mine:) My girls will love them, and I hope yours will too! Praying earnestly for sweet Daniel to come HOME! Please Lord, let tomorrow be the good news day!


Wow, they all are so are so sweet. And also that bracelets are really cool. They will really be liked by anyone as a gift on valentine or any other occasion. thanks for this nice post.