Friday, January 22, 2010

You can MARCH in Washington for LIFE from your computer!!


http://http// is the link and it amazes me!!
I was able to actually be in Washington for the annual March for Life in January in 1986 and it was a memory I will always treasure being a part of. Caleb and Gideon were toddlers and I had a borrowed double stroller in which to push them for the day. My sister in law, also named Linda , is marching in person today. Being a participant in the March for Life won't change a law, that is true, but the March for Life, like any other significant annual event, causes us to stop and really think about that event: its meaning, its cause, its purpose, goals , and its struggles too. There are fewer abortion "providers" as more and more information is discovered about the true sanctity of life, the incredible details of pre-born life and development. There are more people now who "believe" (I prefer the word "know") that abortion is truly first degree murder than who "believed" it so when killing preborn babies became an "acceptable" Constitutionally protected "right of privacy". I believe that those faithful Marchers and March organizers over the years have had a strong hand in helping to get information out, to keep this "privacy issue" from being more and more hidden murders. NOT because they marched, but because more than likely in their day -to-day lives, are sharing their core knowledge that HUMAN LIFE begins with human conception and hence, human cell division which makes HUMAN BABIES who are living little people!They know and they live the principle that abortion is not just a tidy little word but that it represents the entire concept of choosing to kill a person who is living in what should be the safest place on earth: a mother's womb. The people who staff Life Centers and Crisis Pregnancy Centers, sharing information with those who might other wise contemplate abortion, have saved so many lives. They fund raise through out the year to provide maternity clothing, rides to doctor and midwives' appointments, baby clothing supplies and food for the BORN BABIES, they babysit for those moms so that they have a bit of time out from the babies to regroup and refresh. They don't go "march for life" one day a year, but are actually marching every day. Many of the marchers, are people had been deceived into thinking that an abortion was the "only way " or the "better way" for them when a situation presented itself in their lives. Now they march and share that they know the entire truth. Many have been touched by the pain of a murdered baby in their families somewhere along , and many are young families who want their children to learn early on how precious LIFE is, when it begins and what that tidy little word "abortion" really means. I am sure there are some who attend just for"something to do", and that is OK too. They are in the company of some awesome folks and that is never a bad thing. While a March for Life, virtual or in person may not change a law, I KNOW that it is helping us to hold firm against more radical laws. It encourages people to remember the day that our Supreme Court made the twisted Roe V. Wade decision and to purpose in their hearts to do what they can to protect future pregnant ladies and thier babies from such twisted and evil judicial thinking. If your elected officials are anti-abortion and you know it, send them an email or call them and THANK THEM for standing up on this issue. IF you know they are not, please send them an email or call them and ask them to rethink their position. Tell them WHY!!
Even if for a moment, will you prayerfully March for Life today?

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