Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rejoicing with a friend and requesting you join me in prayer

Our friends Eric and Anita have been friends for a long time. Anita was also our adoption co-ordinator for Naomi's adoption 8 years ago. We traveled to Vietnam together with them in March of 2002 and celebrated Eric's 30th birthday together there. He has had juvenile diabetes for a very long time and it has slowly destroyed his kidney function; he's been on the kidney donor list for a good long time with several "trial runs" which did not result in his getting a donor kidney BUT TONIGHT ERIC IS IN THE HOSPITAL PREPARING TO RECEIVE HIS NEW KIDNEY!!!!!!! Please join his family and friends in prayer for Eric's surgery, that all go smoothly, without complication or incident, that Eric's blood sugar would stay in a safe range throughout, and that they would all be intimately aware of God's presence every second of this exciting time!Anita posted a quick note on her blog. You won't find any info at this point but f you don't know her, you can read a bit about her family. Our sweet little friend Abby Riggs is back in the hospital today again. You can read about her story on her mom and dad's blog, but in case you are not familiar with Abby's story, she just turned 5 and has a very persistent and aggressive form of leukemia. Right now Abby is having trouble breathing and is running a nasty temp of over 104 degrees. Not fun for anyone, but especially not a little girl who would much rather be running and playing and dancing ballet. Won't you please join in prayer for Abby too? We know that our Heavenly Father loves our friends more than we ever could, and how wonderful it is that we know we can come boldly before the Throne of Grace with our praises and our prayers for them , knowing how He loves us all!


Kat said...

I saw an update on facebook and Abby's fever is now under control, but she's still having breathing problems. Praying so hard....

We will pray for your friends...that is SOOO exciting!!!!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Love you - praying with you!