Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Two years ago this morning Esther's dear friend Matt was killed in a house fire. Esther and a bunch of friends had been with him just hours before that fire; she didn't even take a lot of photos of Matt that night because they all had plans for the next day and she was going to take them then............"then" never happened...................she and friends helped his parents plan a funeral instead of a Christmas party for that high school FFA/ Ag senior bunch.
As I continue to rejoice over Caleb being home safely from Iraq, I am so reminded to be thankful EVERY MOMENT that I have with all of my loved ones. I called Esther just to check on her and its a hard day for her in herself...............I'm praying that God just hold her up, hold her close.and Matt's family as well.
Life is so precious!!!!!!! Let's all LIVE IT UP, LOVE IT UP, USE IT UP, SHAKE IT UP, GIVE IT UP, ALL TO THE GLORY OF GOD!!! ******************* Even as I was writing this post, a friend was sharing other news . Please pray with me for this family? A key worship leader at the International House of Prayer and one who has also spear -headed an adoption ministry there (and adopted 10 children himself, the last 3 in the past 14 months -- 2 of them with severe special needs...through the wodnerful organization REECE'S RAINBOW) just died in a car accident this morning. Please pray for his family. His name is Derek Loux. Here it their blog:
We didn't know him other than watching his ministry to orphans through hisblog ...and our hearts are so heavy for them all.

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Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Linda - thank you for posting the prayer request for the Loux family!

I have been so broken over this news all day!

I trust God is comforting Renee and their children as only He can!

Praying over Esther's friends family and your Scott's wife. Trusting God to bring them comfort as well!

I love you!