Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where is Linda?? Hiding out under her Grammy hat, that's where!!

And let me tell y'all, the Grammy hat is a big big hat! Hannah had to start back to work on Monday so we are caring for Charlie for her. Charlie as I have shared with some friends is a high maintenance kind of guy. Hannah says he has her high maintenance make-up AND his daddy's temper. My observation has been that Charlie is quite fine until he is not. At that point, he is angry if the person giving care (or closest to him at the moment of "the point") has not anticipated 30 full seconds before Charlie that a NEED CHANGE is about to transpire. Charlie does not understnad that if he is asleep we have no idea that he is going to wake up at "x" second, much less if he will be awakening because the temperature of his pee has awakened him (it does) and caused him to be angry, or if he is awakening hungry, which he may or may not be, or if he just wants his binky "re-plugged" so he can retrun to sleep. Since it takes a few second to assess these issues, one can be about guaranteed that whatever did NOT get done will be what Charlie wanted and he is therefore, angry.
He is so precious, we all love him passionately, we understand that our house is not his house. We empathize with him that his world changed drastically yesterday from visitng Grammy's house for a few hours with Mommy to being left BY Mommy.We all know that I am not Hannah laying on the couch with him watching Rachel Ray until the two of them take a morning nap together. NONE of us watch Rachel Ray , for babysitting or any other morning reason. We watch goats, horses, chickens, eggs, milk, check to see if the cat has caught a new mouse, we eat breakfast and we do school. Charlie is not interested in our pre-existing conditions. To a baby's way of thinking I am sure, HE is the pre-existing condition.
Today is a lot better than yesterday; it is. This does not change the fact that my precious beautiful grandson is most definitely an obvious blend of his parent's genetics! The kids have been wonderful and so patient with him, and his scremaing jags. Naomi is a great bottle-fixer, Leah is super in taking turns with me in holding, bouncing and rocking Charlie. Noah takes his turns holding Charlie too, but they are for sure, shorter turns. Hannah has come at lunch time to spend lunch with Charlie and I can tell he likes that. We will all figure out how best to care for Charlie AND get our regular stuff done too, but yesterday and today were definitely HOME EC and FAMILY/ LIFE SCIENCE!!
Charlie is smiling once in a while this week; that is a very fun thing. He likes his swing and his classical music...........until he doesn't..............Oh , he does not like that he just woke up and I am on the computer 6 feet away...........
Putting my Grammy hat back on!!! (so to speak..................
Loving Charlie!!!


Autumn Mist said...

Your blog is wonderful. I am in England, and also know and love the Lord. Visit my blog at http://www.chickensinmykitchen.blogspot.com
It is just beginning, so bear with me.

love2bmom said...

Oh my, I think you are showing us our future here when our DIL goes back to work Dec. 1st.......

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

You look amazing!

And Charlie is PRECIOUS!!!!!

So glad he enjoyed the swing and some classical music!

Praising God for some quiet in your home!

YEAH GOD for Jon and Hannah too! Wonderful news!

Lots of love,

Amy said...

He is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Still praying for your little Daniel. Love, Amy

Laurel said...

LOVE the pics!

I can't WAIT to be a grammy ... but I need to get a couple of my big kids married first. :) Our soon-to-be navy man is ring shopping this week. And, the young bride-to-be LOVES kids. (Her big sister is expecting #5 in 5 years, so I think she should follow suit.)

I'm sure that Charlie will settle in soon, and that your homeschooling routine will move on to a "new normal".