Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day, a day to honor and to say "Thanks"

I found this photo on MOVE AMERICA FORWARD's web page. It was too poignant not to share.
I have this photo at the bottom of my blog page. This is my 26 year old son , Caleb, a two tour WAR ON TERRORISM Veteran, completing his second tour of duty right now and due to be home for Christmas.
Our soldiers have given SO much, they endure so much, and most of the hardships they endure , they will never mention to anyone: its "in the line of duty". We complain far too easily if we have to carry a sack of groceries or a feed sack a bit farther than we'd like. Our soldiers wear 75 pounds or so of body armor before they even pick up what they are going to carry. We complain quickly if our air conditioning isn't keeping our homes a chilly arctic temperature. Our soldiers, in the light of day are in the aforementioned body armor, in temperatures which exceed 120 degrees and are thankful for tepid water in a "camel" drinking jug. And since the desert is, as my husband is fond of saying, "A cold place where the sun shines," when the sun goes down and the temp drops 60 or more degrees during the darkness of night, our soldiers remember their furnaces and wood stoves at home and are thankful their families are warm. I have sent dozens of those little "hot hands" packet over to our guys to tuck into their socks at night, their gloves, and to warm their boots in preparation for the next day of patrols. Not quite a blazing fire, but a bit of warmth from home.
"Happy Veteran's Day" is not an expression I'm using, but THANK YOU VETERANS is.
Thanks Dad Smith, now deceased, WWII Vet Jimmy, now deceased, Vietnam War Vet,
Brent, former Drill Sgt, Maj. Scott Hagerty, many time combat vet, KIA June 2008, SFC Toby Meister, KIA December 2006, two tour Veteran,
CHARLIE, two tour Vet, GIDEON, diabled Vet:one tour, CALEB, two tours: STAY SAFE, COME HOME NEXT MONTH!, JON, one tour Vet :Marines; JOSHUA, multi-tour civilian contractor Vet, HOME SAFE LAST MONTH!! My list goes on and on. You too have a list. Make sure you tell "Your Vets" and their families a deep Thank You today. When you are out and about today, look at people. ASK THEM if they are a Veteran. Thank them!!! They will never ask for a thank you, but they'll be glad you took the time.


Shana said...

beautiful tribute. Tell the ones you know thank you from me.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

TOO BEAUTIFUL for mere words of thanksgiving!

Linda - you said it so perfectly!

I love you and so thankful for your family and all those like you!


Renee said...

Thanks to your son and your whole family for the sacrifice you make for all of us!