Saturday, November 14, 2009

There's an old hymn called " Send Refreshing"......

It isn't one of the songs God led me to for this week's Worship service, but after the long week, I was feeling a bit dried as I sought the Lord for direction and for Holy Spirit refreshing over ME and over leading Praise and Worship this coming Sunday. God is so faithful and yesterday He sent such a refreshing in my spirit! As I began to seek again, what He wanted me to find, HE just unfolded it before me:page after page. Nothing I had not looked at all week already, but just like God's mercies, the music was ALL "new (every morning") least Friday morning for sure! Praying over each song, and who would be with me this week to minister in music, I had a strong sense of peace and anticipation over our Saturday morning practice.
(This post was written in two parts, but as I read them, it is so cool to see how God moved and answered prayer in His very faithful way! )
Music practice was wonderful today! I had really prayed over it coz last week I came away very dissatisfired and disappointed with some things that I just didn't know what to do with. Praise God for His faithfulness this week. Even though I didn't have all the music put together as soon as I would have preferred, God led where HE wnated me to go, and today's fellowship and practice showed that OF was "So sweet to trust in Jesus!!" Looking forward to tomorrow morning when we lead our congregation in what God gave and what we have prepared (studied to show ourselves approved!!) to serve HIm in worship!


God's Grace said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog today, I think I will come back soon ;) God Bless, Terry

be thou my vision said...

Hi! It's my first time to visit your blog but I really do find it very interesting..I'll be back often.