Wednesday, November 18, 2009

just fun

Birthdays, play, hanging out, friends, family,farm, unexpected finds............ just some of what makes life so precious. How blessed we are and how thankful I am to our Heavenly Father for all the special moments in my life. "Oh taste and see that the Lord is GOOD!!"

Saturday night Naomi and I had a nail painting date. Naomi who likes striped birthday cake, likes polka dotted finger and toe with white dots for fingers and white with pink dots for her toes. I was happy to create the look for her. Finger nails are fun!
Birthdays are always fun. Can you see Esther's nails? I didn't paint those cool designs but I treated her to the manicure session which did. Her dinner choices? Chicken and dumplings and Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream, and candles!!!

Baby Charlie and his smile make anything fun!!

This IS an egg plant! Not a large egg plant, but an egg plant nonetheless. I have never seen such a strange mutation in a veggie before, but doesn't this look like the Wicked Witch ofthe West out of Oz to you?? I think that perhaps Veggie Tales should create a new character, based on my eggplant and they should name it Edgar or Edna. Life is fun, even with vegetables!!
It was grandson Blake's birthday last week too, he is now 12. Trying to get a good smiley face on a 12 year old who just wants to carve up his cake : definitely fun!!

Those goats!!! Those human boys who don't bolt the gates in the goat pasture OR the back yard gates! We woke up to find all the goats, including the visitng stud-muffin buck in this photo, on the back deck staring in the window at us. Pappa Charlie was holding Baby Charlie and had to show him the goats. Grammy HAD to take a photo op, of course!!
NEVER one to miss the opportunity to chew on a good branch or last chance leaves, Brownie jumped up on the picnic table and stood on her hind feet to snag some breakfst goodies. Hannah called us "Hillbillies" for finding this funny. I reminded her that WE know how to appreciate "Simple Pleasures". OYE!
Riding horses is always fun, especially if its the horse that you have personally helped to raise and break. Here's Madyson and Naomi riding Chuck our 3 1/2 year old gelding.

Home school means pumpkin pie with whipped cream for breakfast when there IS pie and IF the students who want the pie have done their EXPLODE THE CODE phonics lessons!How fun is that!

YES, its Pecan Pie Cake season again!!! Except for baking this cake in June at Noah's request for his birthday and for my missionary friend Rhonda who was here from from Cambodia, requesting that I make it for her summer visit, this is a THANKSGIVING Season cake. This will be the 12th Thanksgiving season for which I have baked my now "siganture dessert." I will do it twice this Thanksgiving as I have for almost all the previous 11: one for our church family gathering and one for our at home Thanksgiving dinner. It is worth every minute it takes to prepare and decorate!!
Why is this fun? I absolutely love the incredible detail in the paintings of the 1600's "Dutch Masters" of whom Johannes ver Meer is my hands down favorite. When I was in the Netherlands, I made a point of going to the Rijksmuseum where many of ver Meer's paintings are on exhibit. This painting called "The Kuchenmaid" and another called "Love Letter" are my favorite paintings by my favorite artist. WELL, all that to say, as I was browsing at Christmas ornaments the other day in a store, looking for a dated ornament which had meaning for our tree, I saw a beautiful purple silk ornament with MY FAVORITE PAINTING on it!! PURPLE, my favorite color AND ver Meer together, on a dated ornament: TOO COOL TO PASS UP! For all the basketball ornaments, ballet dancers, gymnasts, fishermen and baby birth year ornaments and adoption year ornaments, I had not really ever found anything that was uniquely special to ME. This was a special find and I had a lot of fun making that discovery. It was the ONLY one of its kind. It was surrounded by Santas which I don't care for...nothing else remotely "cool" in any color. FUN!!!
Football at OSU is almost always fun, well that losing thing , not so much, but this was a goregous afternoon, the band was performing and as you can see, OSU Cowboy fans really do seem to "bleed orange"


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Now that was a fun post!

Beautiful and loving!

Yummy and made me hungry for pumpkin pie!

Love the smiles and joy!

Love that you found something special just for you!

Hugs and thanks for spreading the fun!


Autumn Mist said...

As you know, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in England, but I've seen so much of what goes on now, I really want to join in, and you guys are making me so hungry! Is pumpkin pie easy to make? It looks gorgous. And why didn't you tell me you had a horsey? He looks lovely. Blessings to you all.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Cool nails, indeed!