Wednesday, September 23, 2009

13 men come to dinner!


OK so some of them live here, and one of them didn't eat dinner directly, but this is a photo of the men folk who sat at our dining room table(s) last night to celebrate Caleb being home from Iraq, and to wish and pray him God speed as he returns today! Believe it or not there WAS leftover ham for tonight's stir fry, but itwas a very large whole (homegrown) ham. Along with that yummy baked ham we had mashed potatoes and cheesy potatoes, rice, (have to accommodate all tastes from either side of the globe or either side of the Mason Dixon line too!) corn on the cob, greens, cornbread stuffing, and a jack-lantern shaped chocolate cake iced in incredible OSU orange home made butter cream icing. I knwo that not all the details were "quite right" but I am hoping that Caleb has a heart full of family and friend-love memories to hold him through the next few months!

Here's Caleb surrounded by his oldest round of sibs, Joshua being in Iraq right now himself and Kari being in Texas, but otherwise........


Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Awesome photos of your beautiful family!

Love you - praying over Daniel and Caleb today with you!


Autumn said...

AHA! Now I see pictures of all your brood!!!
Beautiful people!!!!!!
So glad to have found your blog(with a little help) - what a blessed life you have!!!!