Sunday, August 9, 2009

sleepy, but not "slothful"

It was "no sales tax" weekend for clothing here in Oklahoma this weekend. What few stores I visited Friday and yesterday didn't impress me much in terms of motivating me to spend hard earned dollars, tax free or not. SO SLEEPY this afternoon, but Jael needed some school clothing. I let her drag me into town. We did find some cute things for both Jael and her partner- in -clothing: younger sis, Leah. Yawn...........BUT I did find a really cute zipper front hoodie with a good sized hood for Daniel to wear on the plane when he comes home. I wanted a warm-up suit, like I had purchased for all the other kids when we prepared to bring them home, but what I have found so far were either ugly,too heavy , or both. Now I feel plane ready!!! Found a couple of other outfits for about $4 each too. THAT excited me a bit, and when someone gave Jael and me a coupon for an additional 20% off our purchase total, I was ALL about that!! We did pretty well I think, but now I am totally truly ready for bed, sleepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Duane and Karen said...

Hi Linda,

So when you bring kids home, what all do you have? I have been mentaling packing more for Elijah, then for Ruth (perhaps because he is our 1st boy & we don't have boy clothing as we have hand-me-downs for Ruth). But I thought too of a sweatshirt for the plane & even a blanket, and some toys to keep them occupied...but is there anything else that I'm not thinking of that I should consider?

whenpigsfly said...

I wrote on your blog, but forgot to mention: a bottle of liquid children's benadryl is a good friend to have on hand for stuffy noses on the plane and to help the children relax and sleep a bit too. I love disposable wipes, but sometimes there is no substitute for good old water. I always keep a damp regular wash cloth in a double zip lock bag in my bag. Don't know if Ruthie willsuck a bottle or anything of that sort but Elijah will probably wnat some chewing gum to help his ears on take off and landing. I made sure I taught the kids how to chew gum and not immediately swallow it well before we got on the plane. I WAS VERY GLAD!!! They all motioned to me that their ears were hurting so I kept handing out the gum and encouraging them to keep chewing.Thsoe are a few of my seasoned tips for starters!