Sunday, August 16, 2009

Locked knees, missed phone calls and wonderful fellowship

For the second time this year I have been awakened by the pain of my left knee being locked. The first was just a few daysbefore Charlie and I left for Liberia in March. Thankfully my chiropractor was able to work on it and get it to release. IF I am still locked up tomorrow AM I will be at his office first thing! It used to only lock up if I was on my knees and leaned over to ofar or something, or sat and rolled over, kind of hard to explain. This locking up in my sleep thing is different andI may need to think about a brace at night. WE'll see. I can go months and months with no knee probs at all an then out of the blue it will lock. Thankfully I have a pair of crutches I keep under my bed "for such a time as this" sigh.............It usually releases all on its own, but can take minutes or weeks, seriously!!!
HollyAnn called from Liberia so that we could talk to Junior and Diamoh and WE MISSED THE CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My phone was still turned off from being at church. Her husband said she'd try again tomorrow. I will wear my phone all day!!!!
WHAT A WONDERFUL CHURCH AFTER FELLOWSHIP WE HAD TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God just spoke to and through several people in such special ways, and it was so anointed. I see God really working as He brings new people to our little local body, and not in a GOOD WE HAVE MORE PEOPLE kind of way, but in the PRAISE GOD FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO SERVE HIM AND BE HIS HANDS AND FEET AS PART OF THE BODY. Young couples with a vision of what else we can be doing, what God is teaching and showing them and what they want to do to contribute to this part of the body and to our community really excites me! It was so cool for us all to share together how we can all together encourage each other, and for the younger couples to ASK the more seasoned to mentor them and shepherd them is great for all of us in terms of being accountable to each other. It was just a better-than-words rafter noon! We closed with prayer and Third Day's "CRY OUT TO JESUS" playing and that summed it up and said it all. I may be on crutches, but I am PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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