Monday, August 31, 2009

I Will Lift My Eyes to the Maker of the Mountains I Can't Climb

In Hannah Hurnard's classic allegorical story, HIND'S FEET IN HIGH PLACES, the main character Little Much Afraid learns fairly early on in her journey to the High Places with her Shepherd that when she sings, it chases away her Cowardly relatives (my favorite one being Craven Fear...a really well written character). I read this book for the first time when I was about 12 and a line from the book stuck has stuck with me through my whole life, even the unGodly parts. When Little Much Afraid shares her news with her Shepherd, He gently tells her , Then you MUST become a singer!" God called me to be a singer when I was 4 and interrupted a prayer meeting to share that missionaries had taught me to sing "I Will Make You Fishers of Men" in Korean. My mother aghast and embarrassed pulled me down quickly and tried to hush me up. It didn't work. I sang all though school, sang though college, sang everywhere I could sing. I could not hold it back. YEARS LATER...Our first Sunday in our new church in Woodbridge, Virginia, fall of 1985. The worship leader had a word she said, from the Lord for someone right then. That word was that God was calling that person out to be a Praise and Worship singer, possibly a leader. Her name was also Linda, and she invited the person to whom God was speaking to come forward for prayer. My heart began to thump and pound as though it would surely burst from within me! Our fist Sunday in this church, new to Virginia, two small boys in arms, we'd brought a friend of my husband's with us ....and I had to peel those babies off me and respond to that invitation. I KNEW THAT I KNEW IT WAS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been singing for the Lord ever since. I am the first to admit I am not a GREAT worship leader, or a GREAT singer, maybe not even very good, but that passion of the Lord within me does things through me that go beyond amazing me. God is the air I breathe, His Word is my food and drink, and music is the ground on which I walk I think.
I have only set a few scriptures to music that are worthy of being shared anywhere, but music flows out of me all the time. It ministers to me and I understand how David could sing out his emotions to the Lord in the Psalms. He is my musical soul mate, if I may make that jump.
Today the song on my heart is I Will Lift My Eyes. A dear friend made a comment this morning to me about the Maker of the mountains and immediately I was singing this song. OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! " my cry to my Lord is "Your beloved needs You NOW!!"
Listen to the sound track and let God's mercy 's melody flow over you, and be blessed!

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Blessed Mom of 8 said...

What a beautiful testimony!!!

I will lift my eyes up with you to our MAKER!!!!!!

Love you and praying!