Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cracker Barrel with ABBY!

Its about an hour drive to OKC from where we live so we don't go often, but Naomi's Pedi-Gastroenterologist is there and we need to see him 3 or more times a year.Its my "just Mommy and Naomi time" usually. She gets to pick where she wants to eat after we're done and what we should do with our afternoon. We've learned what all Naomi loves at Olive Garden, that any food court Sonic is just as good as the ones at home,that CHEESECAKE FACTORY is simply an amazingly noisy and wonderful place, that Toys R Us is pretty cool, and that lunch at the little reastaurant in Cao Nguyen super grocery store in the Asian district is THE ALWAYS ALWAYS BEST EVER!! We've tried to work a visit with Abby Riggs into our schedule a couple of times but things fell apart before they got too far into the plans. THIS day almost didn't happen either, when Naomi showed a low-grade temp at her doc's appointment. QUICK call with Michelle and it was decided that we'd go ahead and meet, and PRAY that whatever Sami/Hannah had at their house which caused the visit to go to Cracker Barrel and not Riggs' Central and whatever Naomi's body was warring with would not touch Abby.
Naomi's visit with her doctor went well; we won't know results of her lab work for a few more days. Her doc did recommend that if her numbers were still up and climbing, adding a new med to her routine. Naomi's strain of Hep B is a quirky quite mutant strain which responds to meds for a while, mutates and goes off in crazy directions causing the viral load count to soar. SO FAR , and we praise God for this, she is not sick..."just" a hostess to way too many Hep B viruses.
We had so much fun with Michelle, Abby and Landis. I brought Rachel along too and a great time was had by all I think. Landis was pretty tired out, sweet guy, we kicked into his nap time and then stayed outside Cracker Barrel longer than his thick, beautiful head of black hair wanted to be outside of an air conditioned option, but it was a great afternoon and one we hope to have lots of repeats of in the future.
The girls were a tad shy at first, but they were chattering and playing and laughing before too long . In a brain fade moment left my camera by the computer, and so bought a throwaway camera. NOT such great photos: one gets used to that big sreen on a digital camera, and being able to zoom. The basic emergency camera at Cracker Barrel has none of those things. I hope Michelle's photos are better than mine, but it was a fun afternoon for two little girls whose lives have some pretty not-so-fun aspects!!!

three new friends

Naomi helping Abby go shopping


Amy said...

YEAH- so glad you guys got to get together!!! Love you! Amy

whenpigsfly said...

me too! She loves getting together with you too Amy!!

Laurel said...

I'm seriously hoping for a roadtrip to TX with my 6 youngest in Sept. and Oct. ... and would LOVE to visit you all in OK, too.

We love the Cracker Barrel restaurants when we are on road trips, as we don't have any up here in the Pacific NW.

Glad you got to spend some time with Michelle and the little ones.

Laurel :)

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