Thursday, July 2, 2009

Presenting Charlie David, via ultrasound!

How amazing is this!! We watched our grandson stretch, yawn, kick his feet and put his hands behind his head to get comfortable............we could really SEE his face. We all decided that he looks most like his paternal gramma at this point, VERY Pacific Islander. We were not able to see feet or ears, items we were hoping to see because the family joke right now is that for the way he kicks he must have his Mommy's big feet, and since granddaughter Madyson has her daddy's very visible ears, and Baby Charlie must have them too, we've lovingly called him "Baby Thumper".
Guess we will have to wait for his birth to keep the nickname or scrap it!!
Grampa Charlie (Pappa Charlie) had not seen an ultrasound before ever, so this was a really cool techno-moment for him as well as a Grammpa moment. Once again, I don't know why the hyper-link WON'T link for me, but if you are interested, you may copy and paste the non-hyper-link :-( and go see Baby Charlie for yourselves


AussieKirstie said...

im not sure if this will help with the hyperlink but usally i add http:// before the www.address and it seems to do the trick

whenpigsfly said...

Thanks!! I think that was in the link I was trying to post, AND its i nthe link box for blogspot. I have even tried clicking it in twice...techno-dweeb I am!