Friday, July 3, 2009

Medical Midwifery focused mission trip in the works

WOWZA! Our agency director at Addy's Hope, HollyAnn and a midwife friend are putting together a medical mission trip to Liberia for, oh less than a month from today, to go and teach birthing classes to village women, going equipped with birth kits for the pregnant ladies!! THIS is a dream of mine which I have shared with lots of people for years, that God would let me go and teach from my experience as an OB nurse and as a midwife, teaching prenatal care, safe birthing techniques, newborn care, maternal and new born nutrition.... in a missions capacity "one day". I thought that would probably be when and if we ever had an "empty nest" HA HA that's gonna happen!!! But I digress. HollyAnn shared yesterday to a prayer group we both belong to about this proposed trip and I invited myself to be invited. She quickly and graciously responded that she never turns down a volunteer. SO, I am praying about this awesome possibility and how it might dovetail together with Daniel's adoption and home coming. Charlie and children are unanimous that its a wonderful opportunity, with some IFs to be prayed over and worked out. Please pray with us about how this might open up as a life long dream come true for that OTHER important part of my life as well as how it will work for bringing Daniel home ASAP to begin his much needed treatment and surgery!!!


Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Praying with you precious friend!


Laurel said...

What fun! Hope this works out for you!


whenpigsfly said...

Pretty awesome to thnk about! My doppler and I are ready if/ when God shows us a green light!!!

Carolee said...

WOW! Impressed and blessed-that rhymes...but it expresses finding your site. Thank you for stopping in and leaving a comment.
I'll pop in again to see God's handiwork!

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Praying that God provides the funds for this trip, be it His will :)

Pam, mom, honey, said...

i have never heard of this type of a missions trip but i LOVE it and i love the idea.
neat blog

whenpigsfly said...

Pam, it is my dream mission trip!! There are many midwives in many countries, but they are often only trained by watching a birth......either go "well" or "not so well". Ihope to help add to the training those midwives may or may not have in doing prenatal care: to measure the mom's growing belly, feel for fetal position, know how to help the mom stay healthy even in less than sophisticated circumstances, I could go on and on........... even a bit of good/additional training could go so far in aiding infant and maternal mortality rates. I admire those women. Midwifery is an incredible responsibility and to take that on with minimal training or tools beyond personal intuition is amazing. I have met older "granny midwives" in the USA and they may not have had dip sticks to check urine for sugar or protein, might not have had a stethoscope or a doppler, but they KNEW their art and despite the medical community's constant put downs, the population of this country did NOT die off at birth under the care of the midwives. OBVIOUSLY even in developing nations where the mortality rate is abysmal by anyones standards, there is no dangerous decrease in population. THAT statistic is held by countries which practice population control by forced abortion, not because midwives are caring for pregnant ladies. My dream is to add some of what I have learned in nursing and midwifery over the years to the practice of other midwives and to the lives of pregnant ladies for years to come.