Thursday, July 30, 2009

Joshua and Daniel

My oldest son turned 35 today. I find this to be virtually impossible, even though I know its true...(I WAS there!!) This is a family joke because I declared long ago that I thought 42 was a big enough number for an age, so I quit adding any more numbers to my 42 years,even as the birthdays keep coming. Oldest son asked me several years ago how I was going to handle having a son whose age was almost equal to my own. I told him simply that I had no problems with it and I hope he didn't either. I DID tell him he had to quit referring to himself as a "fat middle aged guy" however because a 42 year old mom could not HAVE a midddle aged son, fat or not! My hair stylist and my eye doctor's staff don't buy the "other number " story so why should my son blow my cover by "getting old"??!!! I make me laugh!!!

Incredible....35 years ago I was a teen -aged mom with yellow polish on her toe nails, giving birth in the 45th Army Field Hospital in Vicenza, Italy. TODAY I am praying fervently because the baby boy who will be my youngest son Daniel is the subject of a serious meeting in Africa tomorrow. I had hoped and prayed that I'd hear a good report on Joshua's birthday, but the day after would be fine too! We are all ready and eager for Daniel to be allowed to come home!! I have loved, I am still loving, being a mom for 35 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Laurel said...

My oldest recently turned 25, and people think I'm too "old" to have so many little ones still. Praising Jesus for other brave souls that say YES to being a mama, even after our peers have long ago said, "No thank you Lord."

I believe that the blessing of children is the only blessing that people regularly tell the Lord, "No thank you." I say ... "Bring on the blessings!"

Keep up the GREAT work Linda. You are a WONDERFUL mentor for the rest of us that have also said "YES" to the blessings of an extra-large family.

mama of 13

Blessed Mom of 8 said...


You are such a blessing and there is NO way you are a day older than 42! ;-)

Happy Birthday to your Joshua!

Praying with you that today is the day Daniel is released to come home forever!

I love you!

Sara said...

I have been following your blog for the last couple of weeks. I love hearing about your family. I will be commiting some special prayer time to Daniel today. I cannot wait to hear the great report!

Happy birthday to Joshua. My oldest turns 18 next week and man ... just no words for watching them step into adulthood!