Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bar Be Que Cambodian style

Sopheak and her mom sent several wonderful gifts to our family when she came. One of those is a wonderful table top grill. We took advantage of a slightly cooler night a few days ago, chopped veggies from the garden, added some thin-sliced steak, and we grilled outside on our deck picnic table. Sopheak made some totally delectable sauces for the meal too...lime juice and garlic, ginger and some palm sugar, and pepper. OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was sort of like kabobs without the sticks in the purest form I guess, but it was so fun to keep adding veggies and meat to the dome -top of the grill and cooking as we needed. Sopheak has a friend, Erin, visiting her/us from Colorado for a few days and the meal was mostly thier creation. Really cool that she also met Malachi in Cambodia, making this visit a double treat. We are all enjoying having her here so much. I love Scrabble, but no one living here right now shares my love of the game. Erin is a GREAT Scrabble player and she proved it by soundly beating me at my own game. It was totally enjoyable to challenge my brain with another good player, even if I lost... Erin, Sopheak, Leah, (back from the Michigan adventure)and Charlie are out on the horses right now. Malachi who has no use for horses whatsoever, gladly agreed to be photographer de jour.........anything but ride a horse!!!

Naomi holding one of our garden's hugest treaures so far this year!

Dinner preparation...Sopheak and Rachel

Naomi helps cook some extra meat on the big grill



Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Ok minus the meat that looks YUMMY!!!!!

Give Sopheak a hug and kiss from all of us!

So thankful for your time together!!!!

Love you!

Jiff said...

Wow! That looks wonderful!