Monday, July 27, 2009

AND praying for my friend Jill's daughter Naomi too!!

Jill just im'd me to say they were on their way to the ER in Phillie for little daughter Naomi. SOMETHING has been going on in her body, which doctors are testing over, but have not diagnosed yet. Something seems to be awry in her circulatory system and its causing her to experience episodes of the area around her mouth, and her exremeities to turn blue from lack of oxygen circualting in her bloodstream. Shes not growing or digesting her food as a healthy child would either.
Heavenly Father as I thank You for the health of my children, even for our Naomi whose Hep B counts remain so high but exhibits no signs of genuine illness, I praise you that these children are in families who are able to obtain good quality medical care for them. I am reminded again of the many who are not able to get medical care for their loved ones, like Matthew..............or even our Daniel right now............ Father, Please direct the doctors to use their skills and talents to diagnose and treat Abby and Naomi, to Your glory. By Your Holy Spirit, comfort these families and keep them from fear. Thank You that we can lift them up together as Your body. Thank You for the technology that allows us all around the country and the world to share our prayer requests and our praises with each other.

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