Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tuesday was a fun day!

Yes we did some school work because our school year is not over yet, but Jon and Hannah needed me to keep Blake nad Mady for the day, so our day was cut short. HOW TO BEST AMUSE 8 KIDDOS on a hot sunny almost -summer afternoon? I had adoption agency document stuff to complete and get into the mail, but after completing my admin tasks and putting them into the mail, what then?? Take them to a friend's house who has a spring fed pond and turn them loose!!! What fun we all had!! Jenny (who has 7, two of whom are Liberian) and I drank iced tea and chatted, I crocheted on Baby Charlie's camo-colored afghan for his nursery, and all those kids, in floaties, life jackets, life suits or "commando" dove and swam, rowed the boat around the pond, ran up and off the diving 6 kiddos, two grand kiddos, 4 of Jenny's bunch. Children of every hue, aged 4-16, girls and boys, playing in perfect laugh filled loving enjoyment of the day, celebrating their friendships with each other ! Blake and Mady were new to this Tom Sawyer -Huck Finn -pond- play but all the kids included them and drew them in from moment one. Blake can be a bit hesitant over new things but he was totally caught up. And when Jon got through a bit early and came out to watch, that was an extra element of cool! My Khmer Kuties have gotten so dark this summer already that it was easy to mistake Noah or Isaiah for Winston or Uriah if you didn't look closely when a child passed by! It was great fun. I had baked Snickerdoodles earlier and took a big can of them over to share, but swimming was much more important than cookie crunching . That came later, after dark!! OOOPS, no camera for this one!
AND MALACHI.What a fun guy he is!!!! He found a web site from which you can upload a photo and down load a huge poster of that photo. Its black and white and very pixelated, but what an awesome production you can make! It prints one 8x11 page at a time, and makes essentially a puzzle. Here are two photos of Malachi and his poster.........guess what/ WHO his photo poster is of??? Hint: she arrives in 12 days!!! He took this back to his house. I think it covers a whole wall!

Jael went to the zoo with some friends. They obviously had a great time from all the photos they took, but I'll just share these She's a fun cutie, that Jael!!

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Blessed Mom of 8 said...

WOW! Now that sounds like an awesome day for any child! Can I come next time? PLEASE???

Snickerdoodles too??? WOW!

I love you Linda!