Thursday, June 11, 2009

No news is still no news on the adoption front

Yes I posted a note on the 3rd of June that I didn't know anything new. All I know now is that all of our paperwork is in its proper places with Daniel's Liberia and in the state side office, Our dossier has been in place for almost a month, and we'd been told that "time was of the essence" but that seems not to be the case any more/now? Nothing new in the overall Liberian suspension situation as it pertains to all the waiting families and their children either. I KNOW that the Lord knows and His timing is perfect. My prayer is that I focus on God and not a claendar or a clock so that I don't question what I know to be Truth. The lovely poster on my wall above my computer which spells out the Fruits of the Spirit reminds me that "Long suffering is love's patience"..."Faith is love's confidence"... "temperance is love's victory".......God is certainly tilling and weeding and fertilizing the garden of my Mamma heart to grow fruits better and better suited to growing Spirit filled children!!!

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