Tuesday, June 16, 2009

an editorial comment from my grandson.......

really made me get a bit teary eyed tonight. B. is Hannah's 11 1/2 year old step son. He is the same age as my Noah, a bit younger, but only by a few months. Isaiah and he are less than a year apart too. B. is not always an "easy" child for so many reasons. He's been here for two and a half days and it has gone very well: no disagreements, no outbursts, RISK play went very well, air soft gun play went well.This afternoon something went awry and all that peaceful atmosphere blew up in angry accusations and name calling. B. got upset at Isaac ,and it was not pretty. AS near as I can figure it was mostly, if not all B. who set things off, and his reaction to Isaac telling him that he was out of line added to the "ick" which cut short my swim with Naomi. I handled the out burst, addressed the issue of name calling and accusations in terms of how God wants people to love and treat each other, and how FAMILY treats each other. It sorted out with apologies offered and accepted after a while. Hannah took him home after she got off work and came to eat with us while B. was at his first tai kwon do class. She told me that he said to her,"You know, Gramma Linda has a lot of kids and a lot going on, but she really has it all together." Since I am a "Step gramma" to this boy who has a lot of family in a lot of capacities, I'm not always sure how bonded he feels to me, even though he is here quite often. I am taking this comment as affirmation that he knows he was disciplined and admonished, loved and accepted. THAT was my goal!!!!!!!!!!!!

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