Thursday, May 7, 2009

prayer updates

Lindsey does have Hodgkin's and will receive a bone marrow transplant tomorrow, in hopes of starting chemotherapy next week.The biopsy took longer than anticipated, Lindsey was pretty out of it all when we saw her late in the afternoon.PLEASE continue to pray for her and her mom and dad? Let God through His Holy Spirit guide your prayers?
Our documents for Sopheak's visa appointment spent almost a week in Chicago before going to San Francisco today...pretty sure they will not be in Cambodia for her appointment on Monday, but our wodnerful Senator has not only sent an email confirmation and reaffirmation of their (lost in USPS land) hard copy, but the scanned copies of our letter and the other family who was writing in suport of Sopheak. The Embassy has all the necessary docs, by way of our senator, ready for 7 AM Monday (which is 7 PM Sunday here in Ok...we will know from Sopheak before we got to bed Sunday night what the Embassy decided!!
SECRET: God used Gideon to lead Charlie and me in prayer last night and into a very lengthy conversation, in which Gideon told us that even if Secret's adoption looks VERY LARGE and DIFFICULT, that we need to just trust God to provide. I do not think that I have stopped praying since. Eyes and thoughts fixed on "human limitations" and "simple facts" are big road blocks to operational faith. Can anyone ever have "too much faith" that they "miss God" because they are trusting Him to show the open and closed doors? I don't think so. IF Brother Yun (back to HEAVENLY MAN) had not placed all his faith in the Lord some days moment by moment, he would have died spiritually well before he died physically. Those days his faith seemd to wane, life was much more difficult for him. WHAT A TESTIMONY TO ME, when I read how he needed to repent of bad attitudes and of lack of he was being tortured starved , or CORRIE TEN BOOM who had to repent of bad attitudes she harbored over several of her prison guards at Ravensbruck prison can I NOT trust GOD ALONE for what He puts in front of me? My prayer right now is that I DO trust GOD ALONE for all that is in front of me!

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