Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ok its commercial time!!

when you have a farm, you have FLIES, lots of flies. I HATE flies! We tried every known chemical to get control of the problem, and spent a lot of money only to see more flies keep coming around...UNTIL..PREDATOR WASPS. These tiny bugs eat the fly larvae: its that simple AND THEY WORK!!! They are not WASPS, as in bite and sting people wasps , but a tiny grain of rice sized little creature who only goes after fly larvae!! For less than the cost of chemicals, we get 10,000 predator wasps delivered from Spalding Labs every month from March to September, and 20,000 in July or August. They arrive in cocoon stage, almost ready to hatch. When they start hatching and getting buzzy in their clear pouch, we take the package out around the pastures, "seeding" as it were, the especially manure-prone areas with the contents of the pouch...that's all there is to it. I knew we saw a definite improvement in the fly situation two years ago when I first ordreed the wasps, but I didn't think they were "all that effective", so I didn't automatically reorder them last year. BIG MISTAKE. It took almost three months to get control of the flies as a result. Those predators WERE "all that effective" and then some!!This year I got my first shipment in late March. I tell you the absolute truth: we have almost NO FLIES anywhere. So I am doing a commercial for Spalding Labs and predator wasps, right here in my blog. You can purchse smaller or larger quantities depending on your personal land/animal/fly problem needs. I am sold on this natural fly-icide method!!!!!
Their ad reads:
Tired of endlessly spraying for flies? Order your Fly Predators™ brand beneficial insects now so you can put them out before the weather turns warm again. Just after the last hard frost is optimum. If you start on time, you can prevent flies from ever starting to build up. Then by releasing additional Fly Predators on a monthly basis throughout the spring and summer months, you can keep the pest fly population suppressed to the point they're never any sort of nuisance.

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