Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dossier docs and plane tickets

ITs notarized, in order, copied so that we have our own copies of everything, as up to date as it can be, and along with two little outfits and a photo of Charlie and me holding Secret, our dossier leaves for Liberia TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT having a DHL office in Stillwater when DHL is the available service for Liberia, made for a delay, but thankfully Charlie 's work is in Tulsa and close to the manned-by-a-human-DHL office! Please Lord, may it not take 1/4 as long as Sopheak's documents took via USPS ...which should have arrived on May 1, but arrived yesterday...not exactly guaranteed in 3-5 business days, that!!
We played cyber -tag last night, the travel agent in Cambodia and I, trying to get necessary docs to her to pay for the plane tickets. I THINK by tonight we should have it all in order. I stayed up as late as I could last night waiting on her to complete the transaction but this morning when I checked for the verification notice, I had a "please send one more thing" email instead. The 12 hour time difference can really create a time drag! AMAZING that the tickets we thought would cost more than $2,000 (ugh!!!) buying them in the States, are $1,300 when purchased in Cambodia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW if I can use my FF miles to buy Malachi a ticket to and from LAX to meet Sopheak's plane, he can fly back with her to Oklahoma and drive home from the airport here... a very sweet surprise for her ( she has a very long layover in LAX for anyone, let alone a young woman traveling to the USA alone and for the first time) and a much better deal for ME than meeting them AT the airport in OKC at midnight!!!! It will be very special all the way around !!
Much excitement around here with lots to plan for, AND a dear friend is on furlough from Cambodia and will be visiting with us this weekend as well. I promised her I'd bake her a Pecan Pie cake even if it is MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND and not Thanksgiving, my traditional pecan season. For those of you new to Smithsoup, Pecan Pie Cake is my specialty, discovered years ago in Southern Living Magazine. It is going to be served in Heaven, I assure you!


Blessed Mom of 8 said...


Lots of praising going on at your house for sure!

Thank You JESUS!

Love you,

Charity Marek said...

Linda, you make me smile and laugh. I love your comment about pecan cake. I've never had it and hopefully I won't have to wait until heaven, but it MUST be good. Congratulations to you on your news!! Your family is amazing! Godspeed to the Smiths!

Sherry said...

You aren't going to give us all of this good news and then just leave us hanging without the cake recipe, are you?