Monday, May 11, 2009


I had to share my roses and beautiful boots! Memo to self:wear tall socks so the shafts of the boots don't rub big red whelts on the inside of my calves!


love2bmom said...

you are one stylish woman, Linda!!

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Love those boots!

Ouch that sounds painful!

Love you - precious friend!

whenpigsfly said...

Not so painful, but it could be. The boots themselves are SO comfortable, I was a bit amazed! Funny story; when I tried them on, the right one went on easily, but the left one gave me a fight. My left foot is smaller so this was odd. I fought that boot: they are stiff , and finally got it on. Decided to try socks, and then the right boot would NOT go on. I made an (ok dumb) comment about not knowing how I got that boot on the first time which opened the floor to all kinds of TOES GO IN FIRST jokes, yadda yadda.........but when you approach a stiff boot shaft, the angle at which you slide your foot in does make a difference!!
Once I got the geometry right both boots and socks were just fine!!!
I wore them with my CRUEL GIRL JEANS and new Roper t-shirt last night for Bible study and Yes C, I felt "very stylish!!"

Liberia Adoption said...

So funny Linda! I was googleing for dairy goat blogs b/c we are soon to become proud owners. Yours came up. I never knew you had a blog:-) We are the Stokes family at