Friday, May 22, 2009

4.0, and Dean's List

I have to brag about Jael and Esther............... Jael is a very bright girl and has worked very hard this Sophomore high school year. She has always done well, but this year she earned
a solid 4.0 GPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next year she is taking several Advanced Placement courses. She is so solid in math and sciences!!! Her long term plans are for Vet school and to practice large animal vet medicine. She can't spell, so she is of no use to me as a Scrabble partner, bur WOWZA, we are so very proud of her! She had tough courses this year too, but next year she is getting really serious about scholarships. With a 3.8 for her freshman year and this 4.0 to go along with it, she is on her way to matching her sister Esther's recent College Freshman recognition: Deans' List!!!!!
Esther had a rough high school Freshman year start, and it took her a while for her grades to reflect what she really knew, but she has done very well despite that rocky start. Her hopes and dreams of becoming a dentist are well within her grasp as well. GO SMITH GIRLS!!!!!


Blessed Mom of 8 said...


Hugs and PRAISING HIM for their gifts and talents! May they use them well for His glory!

Love you,

Jason and Erin said...

Go, Jael! I know I'm not large animal, but if you ever need vet advice or a REFERENCE, let me know!