Friday, April 17, 2009

Another teenager!

HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY ISAAC!! Since we like what our best friends call "fake Tex-Mex" food and since Esther (in green shirt) is a server/ shift lead at this restuarant, and since kids 12 and under eat for FREE on Tuesday nights....well its a no brainer that you'll find us here most Tuesday nights. Add to that, for a birthday you get sung to while wearing a cool big sombrero, and you get free fried ice cream, well what else is there to do but take a photo?? He has been talking about learning archery for quite a while but has no idea that Charlie got him archery equipment for his birthday.....when he eats his chosen bbq'd pork chops, stir fried red.yellow, orange and green peppers, rice, and chocolate cake frosted with real whipped cream, he'll find out!!!! ( I am sure there is a new basketball and some basketball cards in this story somewhere too!!!)

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