Thursday, March 19, 2009

This took DAYS to create!!

We are in Liberia, it is amazing, it is AFRICA and that means that internet is something to not even think you should take for granted, add to that , you should be very grateful for electricity:be it from a huge power grid or a gas powered generator!!! I love Africa! The people are wonderful, the country of Lberia, while very poor particularly compared to US standards, is so very beautiful and I am so very much excited to be here experiencing the sites, the people and how God brought together a group of people from across the country to come to Liberia this month of March to work on an incredible constrciton project for our orphanage, but bigger still, for the town of Marshal, Liberia! God is at work, most of what He is doing we can not see with our human eyes.In fact ,most of what we'd like to see is no where near visible, BUT GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have had amazing fellowship together, although we all just met over the course of the past 4 days................GOD KNEW we needed it, needed to meet each other, and had gifts and talents and abilities to pool for the Kingdom, and the Body. Add to that , we have been at the orphanage every day since our arrival with ou children and almost 60 other precious children, their incredible care takers, and we have had an awesome time, well it just doesn't get much better than that!! We miss our home life so much, I miss my other children beyond experlatives, but this has been a week that defies verbage, despite all of my adjectives. They do not do justice to our week!
Ok so I now have learned to truly plait African hair, and do it right , and it is just about pretty ( I am not nearly as adept as the experienced young woman who does the girls hair each day and who very graciously and patiently is teaching me, and so my ends are not braided down to the very very ends of the hair like hers are, but oh my!! They are much better than what idid yesterday! I did my daughter's hair in bout 25 little braids, and she showed it off to all the girls! Yesterday she picked at it. Yesterday I got my hair cornrowed and it is so fun! The little girls pulled it all out today so I got it done all over again as well. Two of the other ladies in our team were with us today andthey too got really cool corn rows. Charlie was kept very busy playing soccer with all the boys (our Junior JOSIAH LEVI!!) is very good by the way , but s are several of the boys!) nd with folding paper into airplanes. The kids had a great time with all of that. I took a bottle of red nail polish with me today and I polished all the fingers and toes of all the girls in the orphanage, maybe 35 girls? I really prayed over that bottle of polish becaue it was not new or unused, asking God to please increase the contents if need by like He did the widow's oil for Elijah, and the contents lasted right up till the last repair job!! The girls tried to coax some more out for an additonal coating, but there was not enough! WHAT FUN THAT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did discover though that IF I sit through 70 mani-pedis AND right after that plait a whole head of hair while not drinking any water in the 90+ degree Liberian mid-day ,my feet begin to swell like water balloons!!Fortunately a good elevation and a walk around the grounds pretty much remedied the pufiness, but so did the wonderul foot massage given me, which BLESSED ME, by one young lady with us who is an Occupatonal Thereapist once we got back home to our rented house. We feasted on fresh banana and pineapple for supper......simply YUMMY!
Each morning we stop at a convenince store by our house and we each buy a 6 pack of 1.5 liter bottles of wter for the days' consumption, and we need and ue jsut about every drop!
So I started trying to catch up on some email at 11:30 Liberian time, its 12:52 AM now and all I was able to do was this post and the computer is telling me tht I may not even be connected any more. LET'S SEE IF I CAN POST!!! One of the men on our team, also a blogspot member got caught up in the same Arabic script on his blog but he figured out how to circumvent it and after successfully posting to his blog he got me through the language laraynth!
NOT sure what all tomorrow holds but we could use some fervent prayer warriors to hold ou project up before the Father for a Jericho wall, parting the Red Sea or the Jordan River touch of God's hand tomorrow for the very project we ccame to work on!
So thankful for ALL God has blessed us with this week, including the chance to meet face to face this group of people we are here with, for our precious new children and for all God is teaching us on this journey, On TOP of all the bountious blessings we enjoy at home!
Praying for all of you from Liberia!!


Blessed Mom of 8 said...


Your post looks great and the joy is just beaming from the computer screen! Every word is filled with His touch of grace, love, peace and joy!

Miss you bunches and lots of love,

Awo said...

Oh, Linda! Your posts have really blessed me! I am so glad that you are able to have this time with your children! I will keep you in my prayers.

Kathy M said...

Thanks for working so hard to update us. SO happy for you. Love, Kathy

Wee Ones Mommy said...

Linda, Loving every update and missing Africa more with each sentence.
Can't wait 'til you bring home your son and daughter.
Love- Tami

Eight Isn't Enough said...

I just happened across your blog a couple of weeks ago. I did not know that Liberia was doing adoptions again. I thought they were closed.

We adopted from Liberia in 06-07. The people there are so beautiful and the country itself is gorgeous...I love the's so majestic. How my heart yearns for Africa again.

Thank you for sharing. We will be praying for you and your family.