Friday, March 27, 2009

Pure fun!!!!!!!!

The beautiful little 9 year old girl with the darker complexion is Elsie, she is in love with Charlie and me, she seems to have a bond with our children. She is not matched to a family ...YET. MOST of our "family photos" have Elsie in them somewhere. I plaited her hair into what the teacher calls American Plaits, as opposed to French braids. The other lovely little girl, named is Blessing was being pretty grumpy and whiney boo. I grabbed her, tickled her and told her NOT to smile . This was the result! As you can see, none of the finger nails have a trace of the mani-pedi day when I used an "anointed " partial bottle of red nail polish to paint all the little girls' fingers and toes. The toes are holding up pretty well, despite the dirt, amazingly enough.

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Bonky's Mom said...

The smiles are on yall's faces are PRICELESS!