Tuesday, March 31, 2009

7 years ago...................

we flew into Hanoi, Vietnam and drove several hours to a little village, not very far south of the China/Vietnam border and we met, held, fell in love with, and completed the adoption of Baby Thoa, age 5 months. She weighed just under 10 pounds and fit perfectly into her size 0-3 month sized clothing. Today, Naomi ThiRose is 7 years and 5 months, weighs about 41 pounds . Tiny Naomi seemed to look so big when we saw this photo, but when we met her nanny , who is holding her in the photo, we realized that the nanny was exceptionally petite!
Celebrating seven wonderful years of knowing and getting to love Naomi, so far: 3-29-02 to 3-29-09

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