Wednesday, February 25, 2009

new Photo and a day to make plans!

I know that their faces have not changed much since I first saw their first photos in September. We have been blessed to receive new photos almost every month since September when we were first asked about them and we said YES to Junior and Diamoh but OH I LOVE to see new photos!!! Actually Diamoh has changed because her top-toothless shy smile has filled in with her top teeth. I remeasured Naomi and Isaiah because the height measurements I have for Junior and Diamoh are proportionately the same. HE just always looks taller to me than I think he is going to, but she is a tiny girl as is Naomi, and Isaiah is NOT a tall boy either for being 10. My "step stair crew" will not have a step out of order!!!
The travel agent and I have been communicating and while it seems we can leave on the 12th or maybe even the 13th of March, trying to leave on the 14th to meet up with our agency party going over together is proving to be VERY difficult. SOMETHING has air traffic getting us out of OKC or even Tulsa or Wichita impossible. So as I continue to trust God for the remainder of the funds we need to pay for this trip, now I am needing to pray for a TRIP TO PAY FOR!!!!! OK we are walking by faith, and not by sight!!! Lord if this is a last minute closed door to a trip, make it very clear with a plague of locust and not just a few pesky mosquitoes!! Maybe not a great analogy, and not one I mean literally, but you get my point. We do not want to push ahead of God, or in any way miss God by trying to lead and not follow.

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