Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lathering for Liberia, an Oklahoma car wash in February!

Ok so what if it was 14 degrees when I took Jael to school and when I milked the goats this morning? This is Oklahoma and the weather is as fickle as anything could be..........Oklahoma weather is the stuff school kids learn how to do AVERAGES over!
It is warming up even as I type. Tomorrow it will in the high 60s, Friday high 60s too, but windy and cloudy. Saturday my weather map tells me that it will be 71 and partly sunny, no mention of wind. I have been thinking how we have been SUPER blessed when we have done car washes for mission trips in the past and that if there were a warm day even in February, a car wash would be a great fund raiser to do. I didn't really pray hard, or fervently over the idea, but it has been floating around in my head for a good while and giving me pause to smile. The manager at the grocery store where we have had the best blessed car washes just gave us permission and said he too is very optimistic for the day and has a big cookout planned.
I love doing car wash fund raisers because we get to talk to so many people about what God has us washing cars FOR, (HIM!!!!) and we can involve the younger kiddos and the older ones too. NO over head except for soap and sponges, posters, pizza to pay the help..................Lathering for Liberia here we come!!!!


Blessed Mom of 8 said...

May it rain down buckets of provision from heaven with cars lined up waiting to be blessed!

Love you,

Laurel said...

Way cool! That is something crazy that our family would do. We had a picnic at the beach a few weeks ago, when it was below freezing.

Glad it went well!