Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Won't you join me in prayer

Maybe you've seen the PRAYING FOR ABBY button on my blog page. The entry below is from Abby's Mom and Dad's blog and its a very serious post. Abby is 4 ,adoped from Guatemla as a baby and was diagnosed this past summer with a very aggressive form of leukemia. I have been praying for this family for quite some time, and now I am asking you who pop in here to SMITHSOUP if you'll pray for Abby with many others who are also holding her up before the Father. Please pray for this medication to DO THE JOB God allowed the scientists to create it for,pray for strength for Abby to withstand the treatments so they can DO THEIR JOB,but mostly for the Riggs family to be totally encompassed around with God's PERFECT PEACE!! God may and could heal Abby here on earth and be glorified, HE may choose to heal her ETERNALLY and He will be glorified. Between now and when ever God heals Abby and or calls Abby home, she has a lot of heavy duty and painful situations to face...hard enough for an adult, but sweet Abby is 4 years old. Her family needs our prayer support while they love on and tend all of their children, who also need our prayers as they go through this hard time with their little sister. PLEASE take a moment to click on ABBY's button to read the whole story. HERE is the blog entry from Abby's Dad:

The Valley Begins Wednesday... Would You Pray For Abby and Let Others Know About Her?

Tomorrow, Abby starts a phase of her treatment where she is least likely to survive.

For the past few days, we have been asking everyone to ask everyone they know to join us in praying for Abby, and for God to be glorified through this troublesome journey. We aren't trying to focus on death, or the negative aspects because we feel hopeless... we just wanted to use the four days leading up to this next phase to communicate how serious this time is, and bring people into the prayer group with us.

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Q said...

I got here from Where Laughter Lives. Had to laugh about your son's inability to pronounce the TR combination.

I was caring for several children while their parents left the country for a family emergency. One morning I took the little boy to the store and sure enough, there was a BIG TRUCK and he was going to let EVERYONE know about it. He had the same difficulty with TR that your son did!

Ahh . . . a great lesson in humility.

Love your blog/family stories. Blessings to you with those children. I have 2 from Poland, home a bit over a year. Love it!