Sunday, January 18, 2009

This is the day the Lord has made! I will rejoice and be glad in it!!

Part of my busy week included studying to begin teaching a Sunday School class, something I have not done for a number of years. YES we do home school, but a Sunday School class with OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN as well as some of my own is , well, just different. I found a great curriculum to teach the WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD and then with some online searches and input from a friend, I knew I had WAY more than I could put into a 45 minute class. Today was Kick-off day and it was SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had so much fun and in the course of that 45 minutes we had learned a new song and in it Ephesians 6:10 and learned verse 11 along with it, because verse 10 was "so easy". We focused on the HELMET OF SALVATION today, and what that helmet protects us from, and how to use it. Sports kids help to make an analogy from ARMOR OF GOD to gear worn by a catcher so simple to work on!! If you put on a catcher's gear but either are not on the team or don't know what the gear is for, it is pretty useless. IF you have not asked for and received SALVATION, you can't wear the helmet, if you have and you don't learn what to do with that helmet, you too are going to have problems. In talking about how God wants us to honor Him in how we live, we sang that old old little song "Be careful little eyes what you see.....for the Father up above is looking down with love...oh be careful little eyes what you see" "be careful little ears what you hear" and "be careful little mouth what you say" and talked about serving God in ways that please Him and show His love in us. In a nutshell. My kids are not often so keen on coloring at home, but coloring a soldier in his ARMOR OF GOD was a big hit with them and the other children as well. Playing "The price is WRONG" a trading game where all the prizes were worth far more than the penny each child was given to choose to trade , or not trade, with, was a fun way to show how God gives US something worth way way more than the sinful lives we give to Him WHEN WE CHOOSE TO MAKE THAT TRADE of our lives for the gift of SALVATION. It was a perfect way to lead my heart into worship and to lead our worship service in preparation for our study of Mark chapter 6.
Can you tell I am excited about my new class????????????? Ya think? How I praise God for the energy HE blesses me with and the projects and situations into which He uses that energy!!
Watch for new photos of Junior (Levi) and Diamoh (Keren Jubilee) soon. I just received a lot of new ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jill - Blessed Mom of 8 said...

PRAISING GOD for the lessons learned for everyone!

Even us adults who can learn a thing or two about putting on the FULL armor or GOD!

Love you precious friend!