Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jael's Comp class assignment:

I thought this was such a special tribute ,I wanted to share it.
Here is a photo of Jael and one of her big brothers: Caleb.

In Memory of a Soldier
"A picture is worth a thousand words": a saying that everyone has heard at some point in their lives. But for me it’s very true. My family is a very big army family. My dad, and brothers: Gideon, Caleb, and Josh, have all been deployed at least once each. I love and support them 100%.
Just before they leave for war, I always get pictures with them. I also snap many pictures with them when they get back. I now have a large scrap book filled with photos of my soldiers and me. Every time I look through this book I remember how they are fighting for my safety in this country. I remember what they have gone through for me and their other loved ones,and the time they have given to the army.
My dad has been to Iraq twice. He was there for one year then came home just to return again four months later. It was very hard on my whole family, having him away for so long. The second deployment seemed was very different from the first. The first time it was difficult to have him gone because it happened all of a sudden. But the second was harder yet, because he was back for a short time, and we had just gotten accustomed to him being home before he left again. At the same time the second was easier because we were still used to him not being here with us. Altogether it was still a very stressful time for us all. He will return to the war for at least one more year in 2010. I can only imagine how this deployment will effect us. He is 51 years old and will only fight in this war one more time.
Joshua, my oldest brother, has been deployed to Iraq, Korea, Kuwait , Germany and Korea again. He has a wife and two children of his own. Joshua is currently in Iraq. His return is scheduled for March of this year.
Gideon has only been deployed once. That was to Iraq. While he was over seas, he broke his back, damaged his knees, and now has major hearing and vision disabilities. The tour was very difficult on him. He was the “gunner” in his Humvee, meaning he was responsible for the safety of everyone in his convoy, and also had to kill anyone who presented a threat to them. Gideon had post traumatic stress syndrome from this.
Caleb and I are very close. He is left for Iraq at the beginning of 2009 and will be there for one year. In the summer of 2007, Caleb got married to Courtney. She is new to the army way of life, so my mom has been a mentor to her. Being newly wed and having to leave his bride has been a challenge on their marriage and faith. He was still single when he did his first tour,to Afghanistan.
Between all of them, there have been 9 tours over seas. We have yet to lose a soldier and only one has been injured. These pictures are always a wake up call to me, I see how God has delivered all of them from the war, and it shows me how He is always protecting us wherever we are. Whether they are in the battle field, or in our horse field, in the army, or in our arms, they are always with the Lord.
I have many great memories with Caleb, Gideon, Joshua, and my dad. There are many stories behind each picture. The memories of whom they are, what they mean to me, and what we’ve gone through together, are just some of the things represented by my photo album. Nothing can ever replace this book of memories, or the love I have for my family. Even though I don’t like when they are not home, they are fulfilling their dreams and defending my safety and the safety of this country.


Netta said...

Great memories for your family :)
Your soldiers are in my prayers.

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

What a beautiful tribute to your brothers and Dad! I'm sure they are very touched by this assignment and your love for them!

We pray for your family and so very proud of the work they do for us too!

Love and blessings,

Cheryl said...

That was beautiful. I don't have anyone in my family that is in the military, but we live on Whidbey Island which has a big Navy base and have MANY friends who are in and out of Iraq, etc. I watch what the families sacrifice and appreciate it SO much. I pray for all of the families and soldiers daily - I will now pray specifically for your "boys." Great job!

whenpigsfly said...

Makes my mamma heart proud to see how God has raised up my kiddos!!!How blessed I am to be the mamma! As I proofread papers that Malachi and Esther had to write this week about themselves , they also gave me much to ponder in my heart and to praise God for.............