Saturday, January 10, 2009

Great is Thy Faithfulness, Lord Unto Me

For about a week I have been sensing that our timing for our Liberian trip was "off" and I had a check in my spirit about the proposed schedule. We'd made our plans pretty much based on when Charlie could take time from work and which weeks were blocked out for schools and military plans, as well as the vacation plans of those who have been with the company for longer than Charlie. Late February fit all the criteria from when we started praying over and working on The Plan. Charlie had sent me a list of IMPOSSIBLE TRAVEL DATES and POSSIBLE TRAVEL DATES back in fall. I knew we needed to talk about what I was sensing, but this week was SO busy with Charlie needing to be out of town all week and the boys having basketball all over Oklahoma, I didn't know when we would connect. Thankfully although arriving in two separate vehicles, we did meet up in OKC for the Friday night tournament game and in between cheers for our (YAY!!! Winning ) team, Charlie asked me if it were OK to change th trip schedule because some things in his schedule had changed and we needed to back up a few weeks if possible. The very time that I thought was blocked OUT was now open and the slot we'd been working on as "open" had definitely changed. The check in my spirit lifted completely as I shared what was on my heart. Charlie was relieved because he was concerned that I wouldn't want or be able to work a change. I don't know just why the schedule needed to be changed, but I trust and I know that God moved the pieces around for His best!" the rivers of waters, HE turns it wherever HE wishes" Proverbs 21:1 says of God and how "the heart of the king is in the Hand of the Lord" Well this time, the calendar of the Smiths was what was in God's Hand and HE did indeed move it as HE chose!


Jill said...

Praising God and knowing it will be best!!!!!

Love you - Jill

Wee Ones Mommy said...

Listening to God is always the schedule I want to be on. Praise God you are listening. :)

Laurel said...

I love the part about .... we met up, in separate cars, and chatted in-between cheers for the basketball game. That is sooo... my life.

Laurel :)