Monday, November 10, 2008

Feeding 220 people, maybe......

Our big project this week has been a several months in the making but this Sunday is THE day! Our little church meets in a building right in front of a large apartment complex of mainly students but some long term local folks as well. It has been our prayer project and the object of our concern for ministry and outreach to share the love of JESUS to these people who are our neighbors. Our first outreachs were door -to-door with platters of cookies, all home baked and dressed up nicely with a covering and a bow, and a card telling who we, Community Free Church are and where we meet. Our approach was varied by the personalities of those doing the "cookie walk" but the message was basically "HI! We're your neighbors and we wanted to stop by to introduce ourselves and give you a gift ." Some sharing of the gospel happened and some praying with folks too. A few people we met were believers who prayed for US!!We've done that twice so far and seen some folks come visit, but mostly it has given us an opened door of accountability and credibility in the community."OH its YOUR CHURCH who came to the door...hey! that was nice" kinds of things. WELL this Sunday we are sponsoring an outreach barbeque, with the apartment complex owner's blessing, AT THE APARTMENT CLUBHOUSE and we are providing lunch: burgers and hot dogs, sides, and home baked cookies to again, introduce ourselves but to reach out to the people who are our neighbors. Charlie was the designated co-ordinator but our whole little part of the Body is busy with details. We are anticipating serving at least 220 people! The weather in this part of Oklahoma can be pretty unpredictable so that's a matter of preparation, but we are BIG TIME in prayer that this won't be "just some idea" or in the words of a Matthew West song that I ran into this weekend, "Going through the Motions" of being a Believer. We want to show God's love in practical ways, beyond the "Random Acts of Kindness" day/week that the Stillwater churches host each fall, but anytime we have opportunity and a leading from the Lord to just show love. Please pray with us that God's love will be Salt and Light and that we will be His salt shakers and lanterns, drawing ALL MEN TO HIM!!!!

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