Sunday, August 24, 2008

Prayers for Beacon House

From the director of Beacon House Children's Home where we believe our next children will come through. Please pray with me for this situation as you may read this and later each time you use water in your house or property, that God move the workers along efficiently and successfully to get the water back running for the Beacon House and for the others affected by the pipes being out?

Water situation.

We've been blessed for the past 2 years to have water. Many places in Accra experience water shortage but we've had it flowing most days. And when we've had 'problems' ie a day/two without water, the American school nearby lets us go to their taps to get water. So the kids march down the road with buckets on their heads to collect the necessary water.

Last week Beacon House and the American school had no water. Work is being done on the road and someone broke a pipe. It's taken one week to fix that. On Friday, I went to see the water department and was told that on Tuesday (26th August), they will be closing all the pipes in the East Legon area (that is where we are located) for 10 days while they work on upgrading their pumping system. Now my experience in Ghana tells me that 10 days is NOT 10 days but could be 2-3-4 weeks.

Already this week we had no water, so our tanks could not fill. We did find a teacher - Ms. Sally - who had water so again the kids made 3 trips to her house (not too far away) to fill their buckets. But come next week, the school will most definately have no water ... we are praying that Ms. Sally (the teacher) is connected to a different line and will still have water but we won't know until it happens.

Beacon House is now in 'water conservation mode' which, I must say, the Ghanaian staff is good at. But our children are not. They have been use to water flowing. To the point where I often find the little ones - eg 2,3, 4 yr olds at the taps just 'playing' with the water.

We pay about USD 100/month for water from the mains. We have never had to pay/buy water from the water tanker trucks. But the cost of that is about $80 for one container full and that will not last us but a week. The cost is not too bad for a week (although one week is almost equivalent to one months water budget!!) but our concern is that it will take several weeks. I base this experience on the electricity situation. Whereby they told us they were taking it off for a few days here and there and then we ended up for one year having no electricity for 12 hrs every other day.

Ghanaians in general do not like to give you 'bad news'. They don't like to tell you things that might 'upset' you. So they don't. We can only pray that when they say ten days, they mean ten days and that in ten days the work that needs to be done can be done and that they won't find some other 'fault' which will prolong their work.

We'll keep you updated as to our water situation once the pipes close. Keep us in prayer.

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